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Username Password Playonmonkeys Kodi 2017 wizard

Entering Your Username Password from website into  Playonmonkeys wizard.

2017-07-19 21_39_37-Kodi

 First Navigate over to Add-ons on the main menu then on the sub menu click on Programs.

2017-07-19 21_39_47-Kodi

Then Click on the Playonmonkeys wizard.

2017-07-19 21_40_01-Kodi

Then you will scroll down to settings and click to open settings.

2017-07-19 21_40_13-Kodi

Then In the window find where it says Private Access click there then click on username to enter your username and repeat the same for the password field. Then click ok  You will now be able to use the server 2 if your a Private Server member.

If your not yet a member of the Private server Group, You should really consider it. Private server access is access to a more reliable server for downloading and installing Playonmonkeys builds as well as updates. The Private servers have only limited number of users so speed should always be good and your downloads will be more stable. The monthly membership price for the Private servers is $5 dollars a month. Space is limited Join Now while you can.


One Response to Username Password Playonmonkeys Kodi 2017 wizard

  • Hi,
    I need some help. For some reason, after following the guidance above I do not see a “Private Access” function in the Settings Area for Add on’s. I am running Media Wizard 17.3 Is there a fix for this or am I missing something? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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